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Dear Customer,

This is AVsextoy store.
Thanks for you buying our sex dolls,  in  order to improve our service and our love dolls ,we need your valuable suggestions and feedback.
1.How do you think of our product?
A, excellent  B,good  C,fair   D, poor  E ,disappointing

2.How about the delivery date ?
A, excellent  B,good  C,fair   D, poor  E ,disappointing

3.Are you satisfied with our product quality and appearance?
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4.How do you feel about our service attitude ?
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Please share more informations to help us to do better.
We would like to share your experience and your feeling with your love doll on our Customer Experience Center.
It is about how do you dress up her/him and your love doll story .
Please send us some pictures or video , and we will send a nice gift to you  or you will get a rewards US$20 -30 to your paypal account. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,


The Experience from Our Customers

Posted by Billy on 20th October 2016 @8:20 PM

I put the right address to the order,but the express company sent it to the wrong place.I was so worried and so upset.But the AVsextoy store,helped me to finish all the stuff.Finally I got the perfect doll.I really appreciate what they did to me.Highly recommend this wonderful store.


Posted by Benson on 13th October 2016 @7:31 AM

I bought this doll one week ago,Actually,At first time ,I chose a black eyes girl,I wanted to have a try about asian girl,And I had paid money for it,but,You know I am an american boy,So I asked  if I could change the eye's color,They helped me to deal with the problem soon.I eventually got a brown eyes girl,Thank you so much ,Good seller,and Good experience!


 Edmund  on 9th October 2016 @8:15 AM

Amazing seller! Was very flexible on shipping schedule and they shipped when I asked. Got the item very quickly and am very happy with the product and seller! A+++!!!

 Sam  on 1st October 2016 @10:21 AM

Amazing customer service and amazing doll. I picked the head, she is beautiful. The guys at av sex toy store are very helpful and knowledgeable. The doll's skin is very soft and she has a nice shapely body. Very happy.I love to dress her with nice outfit.


Swift  on 21th September 2016 @8.49 AM

I love Japan Girl,she is so beautiful .I fall in love with her when we met at first sight.I told myself I will take her home.Finally I own her.Every details of her body is perfect,thanks ,AV SEX TOY STORE.Most important ,the customer service is very cool.They replied all my questions,and very kind.I'm so satisfied.



Taylor  on15th September 2016 @7.48 PM

Very impressed with quality and feel.. The details are amazing would buy more if my budget allowed. This is my first love doll I bought and definitely she will not be my last.. The cool thing is she won't mind if I have more then one.. Thank you AV SEX TOY for bringing such a high quality product at such an affordable price. More fun for me !!

Size: 100cm

Wow!!! She's amazing, just received her today and I gotta say she looks great!! Shes a little bit more... Guess you could say chubbier than my other 100cm doll. But yeah she's beautiful.. As you can see my other doll Ashley in the left on the bed. This doll I'm gonna name Jenny.






Kyle  on 1st September 2016 @8.01 PM

Received my order today. Only took 10 days for delivery which is pretty fast for international shipping. Item was as described. The package came with a few accessories and an outfit which was nice. All of the advertised items were included. Overall I am pleased with my purchase.




Sean on 30th August 2016 @7:30 PM

I got it as described in only 8 days of my order, so it was really fast. The feeling nearly as real. I agree with the size is too small, but on the other hand, this is what I could afford it. An increase with the height of about 10 to 15 cm will cost extra between $500 to $700, so mainly, this is what I could afford with my money and I'm really pleased with my purchase. If I could pay between $1500 and $2000, I would get it something like 150 cm in height.


Geoffrey on 30th July 2016 @11:30 AM

First let me say that the seller is awesome! Shipping was quick(less than ten days from Hong Kong to Florida),packing was excellent,the doll I received was the exact same as pictured(wig and clothes were not the same but knew that going in).
Avsextoy answered my emailed questions before I purchased,during shipping and after I purchased the doll. I have to give them props on their customer service. Not to mention they have the lowest priced dolls on Website +free shipping. I would highly recommend buying from this vender.
The doll I purchased was perfect. Very real and lifelike,had zero defects and was really a piece of artwork. The skins is soft to the touch. It can pose in any position a real woman can(some they can't :-). Once unboxed I cleaned (very important) the doll with warm water and light bath soap. After towel drying we used baby powder to make the skin super smooth. There was a slight smell of rubber when we first unboxed but was gone after we clean the doll the first time. Cleaning is a little of a chore because it is 80lbs of dead wait to move around but fun too. Witch means moving her around(positions)in a bed might be a little work. Dolls joints are stiff and holds positions well. Ok the good stuff. Breast are soft and have a nice jiggle (real breasts are still softer.nothing beats the real thing) butt cheeks are firm and soft ,just very nice is all I can say. Vag is real looking and feeling no complaints. The face is pretty and lips are soft and full. Everything about the doll is high quality.
This is the same doll I have seen at other venders for 2-3 times the price. This is me and my wife's first doll. We got it to spice up our 18 year marriage and to live out some threesome and girl on girl fantasie


Grant  Posted on 26th June 2016 @10:20 AM

I received Emily a few days ago and she is absolutely perfect. Not only do the images accurately portray what you will receive, but she looks even more beautiful and detailed in real life. Even though the pictures of her on the website page are good, they just don't do enough justice to how beautiful Emily is to see in real life, especially the face.
Another thing that is truly amazing is how soft she feels, but definitely has a weight to her (due to the inner metal skeleton). But neither detract from the other. In other words, touching her always feels soft, but she is no way flimsy, you can put her in sold poses that she keeps.

As has been mentioned in other of Avsextoy reviews for these types of dolls, their customer service is very good, responding to questions very fast, usually within a few hours or even a few minutes.

I had been considering getting one of these types of dolls for awhile now and looking at various options. The Avsextoy dolls definitely seemed to be the best in as far as both quality and having a good price still, which now after having firsthand experience this definitely turned out to be true. I would have to say that even after just 2 days, Emily has been well worth the price, that is how good this product is.
Also like other reviews have mentioned (for other Avsextoy sold dolls), Emily comes very well packed, and so I received her without any faults or blemishes on her body.

As I said before, I had been considering getting a Avsextoy sold doll for awhile, and reading all the reviews. Now I am not sure on this, but I think Emily is a newer model. I especially think this because she wasn't on website when I first started looking months ago.Read more ›




 Michael  Posted on 10th June 10 :25 AM

So I ordered this doll without expecting much. The price is certainly an eye  catcher but the more you dig in and compare prices this seems just too good to be true. And surprise, it isn't!

The doll is just as pictured. She is a cutie and provides a functional and enjoyable experience. Please read the description of the product fully. She is small at almost 40 inches tall but looks extremely nice and this size is perfect for those that want to be able to hide/store without it being too obvious or standing out.

The doll is not heavy, and that makes it perfect for first time buyers of dolls. For 300 or so dollars more you could get a more realistic size doll from this seller but if weight is a problem for this smaller doll the bigger one will not be easy to handle.

This dolls do not provide a quick experience. It takes time and care when handling. There are whole communities dedicated to these dolls. While the dolls are great they require a lot of care. These aren't your common sex dolls so I say start small and see if this is something you really want to get into.


Jeff Knowles  Posted on 24th May 2016 @ 10:51 PM

I purchase 5 dolls since December.   I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 and it erased all of my links & favorites, I have two dolls staring at me right now in my office.  One dressed at Cleopatra and the other as a belly dancer. I am not sure which  I already have photos of my dolls posing in groups and I'm sure I can take some more. Here are some photos of my three tallest dolls. One of them I bought from you.  You can show the advantage of owning several dolls that can be used as photo models.  Note I have them standing on their own.




Serafin Delatorre  Posted on 26th May 2016 @ 09:20 AM


I really enjoy my doll! I consider it a great investment. Attached are some
pics of my doll.


Eng. Mohamed Hamza  Posted on 28th May 2016 @ 07:20 PM

this is my feedback rated.

1.How do you think of our product?                                           
  A, excellent 

2.How about the delivery date ?                                                  
  A, excellent 

3.Are you satisfied with our product quality and appearance?    
 A, excellent      

4.How do you feel about our service attitude ?                        
 Best Regards



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